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More about Year's Bests

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I've just updated the Year's Best SF Info page to link to the newly posted table of contents for Best New Fantasy 2 (which I'm pleased to see will include two stories from SH; also non-SH stories by several of our other authors); I've also updated release dates, where known, for several of the anthologies.

The page now includes links to ToCs for almost all the Year's Bests that I know of. It's still missing ToCs for the two Australian-specific ones, and for the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. It's also missing a ToC for the Nebula Awards book, but I'm probably going to remove that from the list; it's certainly a volume that reprints stories considered to be among the best in recent years, but it's not the same kind of volume as the others on that page--the editor of the Nebula book doesn't decide which stories to reprint out of the full field of the stories published that year. The primary goal of my info site is to tell editors of original fiction publications where they can send their publications for consideration for reprinting; the Nebula book doesn't fit that model. (Also, all the fiction in a given Nebula volume was generally published two to three years previous, instead of in the preceding year.)

Many thanks, once again, to Roger S for alertly keeping me apprised when new ToCs are posted.

Since we've now seen all the ToCs that are likely to contain SH stories, I've also now updated the SH's awards page. This year, eleven different SH stories are being reprinted, in nine different Year's Best volumes. (Last year, it was ten different stories in six different volumes.) We published 46 original stories in 2006, so nearly a quarter of all our 2006 stories are being reprinted in one or more Year's Bests. Interestingly, although many editors seem to feel that some SH stories are among the best of the year, few of the editors seemed to agree on which of our stories they liked best; the only story that's appearing in more than one volume is Ben's "The House Beyond Your Sky."

I also added info to our awards page about the recently announced storySouth list of Notable Stories of 2006, which is part of the run-up to that magazine's Million Writers Award. I haven't posted about the award 'til now because I disagreed with one of the rules (stating that anyone who sent in a nomination for the award had to promise to send unsolicited email about the award to a bunch of people); but the editor who runs the award recently told me that the requirement is really just that nominators agree to publicize/promote the award in whatever way they see fit, which is much more palatable to me. Anyway, I'm pleased to see that four SH stories made the "notable stories" list.

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