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I'm up in Washington to see Grandma for Mother's Day. Jay and Holly suggested this visit a while back, but I waffled about it for a long time; finally got plane tickets last weekend, and reserved a hotel room and a car a little later, and wasn't entirely sure I was actually coming 'til Thursday night. (The plane tickets were fully refundable, and I could've cancelled the hotel room anytime before Thursday evening.)

Haven't slept nearly enough in the past week-plus. Got about 4-5 hours' sleep each night for four or five consecutive nights around last weekend; ended up staying home sick from work for a couple days. Eventually tried Benadryl one night and NyQuil the next, which got me a decent amount of sleep for a couple nights.

Last night, my plane was supposed to leave SJC around 8:15, but fortunately for me I checked its status before leaving to catch it, and discovered it had been delayed for two hours, due to the plane not having arrived from its previous location yet. Which gave me just enough time to finish upgrading my old PowerBook G4 at work to a spiffy and zippy new MacBook Pro. Zoom! Got to the airport, listened to a guy cursing bitterly and nastily at length to a friend on the phone about the perfectly nice gate agent. Eventually the Alaska people got everyone from the earlier flight moved onto a later flight (which had also been delayed)--a remarkable feat given that the earlier flight was almost entirely full.

So I got to SEA around 12:45, and then spent literally half an hour waiting in line to pick up my rental car, even though there were only two couples ahead of me--there was just one agent handling things, and his system was so outdated that he had to enter all the data laboriously by hand, and write some of it on paper, and he wasn't very fast at either of those things.

Finally got to the hotel around 2 a.m. It was even harder to find than I'd remembered, so I updated my map of how to get to the Larkspur Landing Bellevue with some placemarks to indicate difficult spots. Have y'all seen the new My Maps feature at Google? It lets you add all sorts of annotations to maps. Nifty.

Woke up several times during the night; I think I ended up with a total of about 7 hours' sleep, which is pretty good by my standards, but it was interrupted enough that it wasn't entirely restful. I don't think I've ever had a hotel anxiety dream before--in this one, I was staying in a hotel room that had a lot of doors, and the staff and other guests kept wandering in and out on their way to other places, and when I complained to the staff about it they were snotty about it, indicating that of course they had to go through my room to get places. Weird, especially since the LL (where I am in real life) has extremely nice staff.

After I finally got up (too late for hotel-supplied breakfast, but I did eat an apple that the front desk gave me last night), I discovered that Amazon had mishandled the replacement order for a camera that I'd ordered. The original order started in Redwood City, a 20-minute drive from my house, and was sent to Richmond, a 45-minute (or so) drive from my house, where it's been sitting in a USPS warehouse for over a week; USPS claims that Amazon used an ultra-cheap method called "parcel select" to ship it, whereby the box sits in the warehouse until there happens to be room on the truck, which usually takes 2-3 weeks. I complained to Amazon; they said they would send a replacement via one-day shipping; that was a really nice customer-service experience. Except now it turns out that the rep didn't notice that one of my items was backordered by a month, so the replacement order never got sent. So now they're sending another replacement order on Monday. Sigh.

Anyway. Off to see family. I imagine my mood will improve after I have some food.

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