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Birthdays this week

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Yesterday was Sally C's birthday, and it would've been L. Frank Baum's. It also would have been Alex's 39th. I was going to post about him yesterday, but I found I didn't have much to say about him at the moment that I haven't said in the past.

Today is Susan L's birthday.

Tomorrow is Kam's birthday; also Paul M's and Josie's.

This coming Saturday, Malcolm X would've been 82. I just had a sudden image of him as a crotchety old man. "You kids get off my lawn!"

And, of course, this coming Friday, May 18, will be the birthday of Mary Anne & Kevin's daughter, whose name has not yet been publicly revealed. For those who haven't been following Mary Anne's journal, they scheduled the C-section for the 18th. (Baby is in breech presentation, and for various reasons turning her around was unlikely to work.) Only two more days before the baby arrives!

Happy birthdays to all.

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