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iPhone, Mac OS X 10.4.10, and kernel panics


I heard something yesterday that may put the kibosh on my plan to buy an iPhone tonight:

Using iPhone with a Mac apparently requires Mac OS X 10.4.10.

I haven't yet upgraded to that latest OS version (I'm on 10.4.9), because I've been hearing a bunch of reports that people with 10.4.10 are experiencing kernel panics.

My impression is that the problem has to do with the wireless card going to sleep after brief periods of inactivity, which means that it may be possible to avoid it by (a) not using wireless, or (b) continually pinging some site to keep wireless activity going.

But I'm about to leave town for three weeks, and I'll be using wireless wherever I go. And the continuous-pinging thing appears to be an untested theory.

So, not sure what I'm going to do. Must ponder further.

Anyway, this is also a PSA: if you're considering upgrading to 10.4.10, or if you've done so and are getting kernel panics, go read that thread. I'm not clear on the scope of the problem; it may not affect all Macs.


I haven't had any trouble, but then I'm still on the Last Of The G4s.

Kernel panics sounds like the state which occurs when you can't get a bucket of chicken when you need one.

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