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Boston, exhaust(i)on


Flight to Boston was a little odd (details to follow eventually), but fine. (Thanks to Kam for the ride to the airport this morning!) After arrival in Boston, got my luggage fine. Got in cab, and then the adventure began.

Way too sleepy to go into details. (Note to self: you are probably too old to stay up until 4 a.m. and then get only three hours' sleep on two different nights in a given weekend, especially if you're doing so for purposes related to electronics or software.) But due to assorted misunderstandings and miscommunications and mistakes, what should have been a reasonably straightforward cab ride turned into a very long and very expensive tour of various freeways encircling the greater Boston area. (Even though I had printouts of directions and Google Maps on my iPhone.)

Thank goodness for Michael, who figured out where I was, talked me through various directions, repeated them several times when I couldn't hold them in my head for more than ten seconds at a time, figured out a place to have the cabbie take me, and then came and picked me up. (Also Lisa, who was comforting on the phone after Michael left to come get me.)

It was all no fun, but as I noted to M and L afterward, it was still a better experience for me than renting a car would've been.

(I long ago swore to avoid driving in Boston at all costs--see also Boston Drivers Explained, Basic rules for driving in Boston, Massachusetts Driving Rules, and What's Your Massachusetts Driving Horror Story?--but I did break that vow last fall. Still, I try hard to stick to it whenever possible.)


I am--perhaps against my better judgment--driving up Friday night. I've completely lost track of the who's where doing what when stuff. Is there one gathering on Saturday or many? Also, how long are you in town? My trip is open-ended after Fin leaves mid-morning Sunday. The more people are staying a few more days, the more incentive I have to stay :-)

Ugh. Why do you get a cab in Boston if not to save you from having to know that you have to get in the left lane NOW and that it's going to be the middle left, not the hard left, and WATCH OUT FOR THAT CAR? Glad you're here, and safely, anyway.

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