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Brief update

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Con is now over. I have notes that I may type up at some point, but then again I may not. Overall, it went well; thanks to the organizers for putting it together! Talked with (and met) various cool people, got hugs, went to good panels, was on a panel that I thought went pretty well today. More on all that, perhaps, later. After con, hung out with M and Nalo and David, then went to Ethiopian dinner (at Ethiopian Diamond--yummy) with M and Kavya and Nilofer and Zara.

I'm now ensconced at the Ruby Room. My first impression is that it's quite a nice place, with nice people running it, but that it's experiencing some growing pains or something. Within the first ten minutes after my arrival, I had problems with two light switches, a curtain, the free wireless (which may have been my fault), and a door. Later, I ran into further problems with two other doors.

But everything seems to be copacetic at this point (except for the light switch slider that snapped off in my hand), and I've sent feedback to the people who run the place. I'm guessing that they'll deal with the issues quickly; none of the problems I've encountered have been more than a minor inconvenience.

Grandma update: As of last night, according to one of my uncles, Grandma is sleeping most of the time and can't really talk. Decreased breathing rate. Hospice nurse says we can't be sure, but we're probably looking at "hours or days." I have nothing coherent to add right now.

And now I'd better go finish editing a story before I fall asleep.

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I'm glad you have a new child in your life, especially this week--I hope that provides at least a small comfort as your grandmother passes. Her passing sounds very much like my grandmother's five years ago, perhaps quite peaceful for her but extraordinarily difficult for you and your family. My thoughts are with you. I'm glad she had so many good years, and that you got to share so much time with her.

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