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Hugo deadline tonight!

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Reminder to all supporting and attending members of this year's WorldCon:

All Hugo ballots must be received by 23:59 Pacific time tonight, July 31, 2007. (About 11 hours from now as I type this.) So if you haven't yet voted, and you're eligible to vote, go vote!

You will need your PIN and your Nippon 2007 membership number. If you don't have those things handy, you may want to contact the administrators ASAP rather than waiting 'til tonight.

(If you're not already a member, I think you can become a member today and still vote, but I'm not sure of that.)

I finally sent in my ballot this morning--I had finished reading and viewing all the nominees I was going to get to something like two or three months ago, but kept putting off actually filling in and submitting my ballot.

I'm pleased to see that the official nominees list now has links to audio versions of half of the short fiction nominees.

It also has links to all of the pro artists' websites and almost all of the fan artists' sites. (If I had noticed that sooner, I would've pointed them to the missing Sue Mason site.)

(Incidentally, this morning I learned that "Plokta" is an acronym for "Press Lots Of Keys To Abort"--the act of randomly pressing keys on a computer keyboard to try to get the computer to stop doing whatever it's doing. Perhaps knowing that will help me avoid accidentally misspelling it as "Plotka" in the future, but I wouldn't count on it.)

(I seem to have fallen into a set of parentheses. I think that means it's time to end this entry.)

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