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In cloudy Issaquah we lay our scene. I flew up last night, and am staying at the Larkspur Landing as usual. Today is Grandma's memorial. Tomorrow I'll hang out with friends, then fly home.

Been intermittently grumpy and irritable these past couple weeks, more or less the way I get when my blood sugar is low, but it's been happening even when I've just eaten. Partly having to do with Grandma, I think; partly general stress and feeling behind on everything I'm supposed to be doing for work and magazine; partly various unrequited crushes; partly the lack of downtime, as the social whirl of my vacation has more or less continued. The socializing itself has been good, of course, but I haven't had enough respite from it.

I've also been doing a bunch of stuff that doesn't contribute to being less behind on things. Since returning home, I've read (more details on all of these to follow eventually, perhaps):

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (my favorite of the series, but I have a bunch of criticisms)
  • Lost Girls (good, and thought-provoking, but I didn't love the art)
  • Sixth Column/The Day After Tomorrow (racist, but I think not nearly as much so as it initially looks)
  • Half (so far) of To the Resurrection Station (an early Eleanor Arnason novel I had never previously heard of)

And I've seen:

  • The Third Man (enjoyed it quite a bit)
  • Several Dr. Who episodes (some good stuff, but disappointing use of Martha after a very strong start)
  • The first episode of Torchwood (much better than everyone had led me to believe, plus lots of shots of Captain Jack standing on buildings looking moody and heroic and hot in that great coat)
  • A couple episodes of Fawlty Towers (still funny, but not as much so as when I first saw them)
  • An episode of Horatio Hornblower (sad and tragic, but at least there were lots of longing looks between Horatio and Archie)

And I have done some magazine work and some work-work; I'm not impossibly far behind. Just farther than I'd like.

In other news, I forget whether I mentioned that Twig arranged for my patio furniture to be built and delivered (it should show up in the next week or two), so I'm hoping to finally, finally have a party at some point (something that I've delayed for years; I never did manage to have a housewarming party).

All that, plus a fair bit of snuggling with friends. So by any objective standard, it seems like my life is pretty good.

But I'm still grumpy.


Be grumpy, my dear. Your list of things contributing to the grumpitude would put anyone on edge. We'll still be here when you de-grump. With hugs, and backrubs, and inappropriate jokes.

Huzzah patio furniture! Giving people a place to sit really does encourage them to use a space. (Exhibit A, our front porch, which has a bench and two Adirondack chairs, versus Exhibit B, our back deck, still lacking any of the patio sets we were looking at when we first moved in.)

I haven't been keeping up on the new Dr. Who, though I'm a viewer of opportunity and appreciated the discs passed around pre-Sci-Fic Channel. It's not the show of my childhood, and I'm not watching it as a child, therefore I'm able to take or leave it on its merits. Based on what I've heard about Torchwood, it can't help but exceed expectations.

Sorry about the grouchiness! May just be something you have to go through; I'm sure the people around you understand entirely.

Sixth Column is based on a plot that John Campbell essentially demanded that Heinlein write; Heinlein said later he had substantially toned down the racism in the original. I shudder to think. :) Of course, Campbell, despite his key editorial role, was a well-known wingnut.

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