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Arcade games (and pinball) in San Jose this weekend

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This weekend in San José is California Extreme 2007, "an annual celebration of coin operated pinball machines [and] video games," featuring a bunch of old games set to free play. (Though admission to the event is relatively spendy.) Kam and I went last year (thanks for the description in your comment last year, Colin!), and had quite a bit of fun. I took a bunch of photos at the time and meant to post an entry about it, but never got around to it.

I think Kam's interest is mainly in playing Major Havoc all day. I'm more interested in Bosconian, Gyruss, and Elevator Action, but there'll be plenty of other games to play too. (Including lots of pinball, but I don't do pinball so I wasn't paying much attention to that.)

And I'm hoping this year the Space Wars machines will be working.

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