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Complete your changes

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Advice to anyone who writes anything on a computer:

Say you've written the line "The men ran down the hill."

Now say you decide to change that to "They ran down the hill."

It's a really good idea to make sure that you actually delete the old text after you add the new text.

Otherwise, you end up with lines like "They The men ran down the hill." Or "The men They ran down the hill."

It's an easy mistake to make. I've made it myself, plenty of times. So be careful, and try to avoid making it.

I mention this because I've run into half-changed sentences like this in probably more than half of the submissions I've read in the past few days. Sometimes even in the very first sentence of the story.

It's not gonna make me reject the story. But it comes across as sloppy.

(Written in early June, but I neglected to post it 'til now. Can you tell I'm working through my unpublished-entries list?)

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