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Weekend update

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This weekend, I read about 70 submissions.

That leaves me about a week and a half behind on reading. To fully catch up, I would have to read another 39 stories, which isn't going to happen tonight.

I didn't do most of the other things I meant to do this weekend, like prepare for various social events, or respond to backlogged email, or edit stories that need to be edited very soon.

I didn't read those 70 submissions very fast, either. In theory, that should only have taken about 10 to 15 hours of the three-day weekend, but I kept interrupting myself to do various other things, like reading Hugo-related blog posts, and watching the last couple episodes of Fawlty Towers.

I did attend a party on Saturday evening, where I got to congratulate Hugo winner Tim Pratt in person. Yay, Tim! Also got to chat with various other cool folks.

On Sunday afternoon I drove down to Los Gatos and read submissions in a cafe with Mary Anne and Kevin (and chatted about their new iPhones). It was probably at least as productive as I would've been at home, and it was nice to get out of the house, but today I basically sat at my computer all day. Half of the submission-reading that I've done this weekend was today.

But now I really need to settle down and do some editing.

Oh, and although you may think I've also done a lot of blogging this weekend, I haven't done nearly as much as it looks like; in the middle of last week, I picked half a dozen old unpublished posts and scheduled them to go live, one a day, for the next several days. So most of what I've been posting lately has been old stuff that I never got around to posting back when I wrote it.

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