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Fantasy debut novel blog

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For the past couple months, Tia Nevitt has been blogging about debut fantasy novels, including reviews of some of the books written as she reads them.

I mention this for two reasons:

  • If you're a writer, and your first fantasy novel from a major(ish) publisher has recently appeared or is about to appear, you should stop by and let her know about your book.
  • If you're a reader, and you like reading fantasy novels by new authors, you may find her reviews and interviews and links and such useful in helping you find new good things to read.

Editors/publishers of debut fantasy novels can probably also contact her, but I get the impression she's more interested in hearing directly from authors. (But I haven't spoken with her; I could be wrong about that.)

A post from August gives more info about what she's doing and how to contact her.

1 Comment

Thanks for giving Fantasy Debut a shout-out!

To answer your implied question, I have worked with editors and publicists in addition to authors. However, I have mostly worked with authors.

Thanks again!

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