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Startling new discovery


At great personal risk, I have ventured forth and discovered a new and startling fact, which I'm sure will come as a tremendous surprise to all of you:

The Internet is full of typos!


are you certain? i thought it was full of stars.

The internet I expect. How about the newsletters from my synagogue and child's school? John says if I complain too much I have to volunteer to proofread them.

I was certain that you were going to continue into numerous examples, and the dissonance of stopping there was laugh-out-loud funny.

Don't you mean tpyos?

Yeah, it's Hartman's law, not Hartman's Suggestion.


Y'all know me too well. I almost wrote "My God, it's full of typos!" and I almost wrote "I mean type-O's," and I was going to give a long list of examples. But then I thought, nah, keep it short. Brevity, soul, wit, etc.

Debby and Michael: Although I'm glad I kept this entry this short, I should note that what caused me to actually write and post it was encountering numerous typos in the online edition of the New York Times in the past couple weeks. I sorta feel like if even the Times has started regularly publishing articles with typos in them, then maybe it's time to start thinking of the web as a medium where spelling and punctuation and grammar rules just don't apply.

V: Good point re Hartman's Law (and I am still immensely pleased to see that that name has caught on in certain online circles); however, you're forgetting Hartman's Rule About Rules: "Every rule, including this one, has at least one exception."

Of course you didn't mean type-O's. Isn't that a breakfast cereal for orthographers and sugar-addicted typographers?

I thought it was a breakfast cereal for vampires.

Hee-Hee. Thats largely do to internet users like me.

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