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Video roundup

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The new version of MT Blogroll makes it much easier for me to post items to my "links of interest" section on my main journal page, so I'm expecting to do that much more often from now on. The general idea is that if I don't have more than a few words to say about an item, and if it stands alone, I'll probably post it there rather than adding it to my vast and ever-growing collection of things to post links to someday. (And sooner or later I may even set up a feed for the links-of-interest section so y'all can view it without having to come to my main journal page.)

But a flurry of videos has come my way in the past couple days, and I figure I may as well post a few of them in a real entry.

  • Rep. John Haller (R-PA) reads HR 8791, the Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. Some of which is classified. Watch all the way through--it gets better as it goes on. Courtesy of the Onion.
  • Bathroom mirror prank. "Replace the mirror in a bathroom with a window pane, place a set of identical twins in identical rooms opposite each other and proceed to prank everyone who walks in." This is funny and fascinating and a little bit distressing, watching the victims try to make sense out of totally weird thing that they think is happening to them. The kind of prank that turns the victims' views of reality upside down.
  • I <3 Dahlia Lithwick (Slate's Supreme Court correspondent), especially when she works with the Slate video people to put together an animated short showing what might happen if Scalia behaved like Jack Bauer of 24.
  • I'm guessing y'all know about the recent launch of the life-sized X-Wing model using huge model-rocket engines. But you may not have seen the Y-Wing launched the same day (another video doesn't show the launch so well but does show the glide at the end better). And, more importantly, you may not have seen the very short video of what really happened to the X-Wing.
  • In Japan, there was once an odd TV show, sorta kinda a game show, called Takeshi's Castle. A group of Americans have taken the odd footage and made it even more entertaining by doing semi-unrelated voiceovers, on an American TV show called MXC. Here's a montage of MXC segments from a sorta kinda horse-racing game: Saddle Sores.
  • From the ridiculous to the sublime (and dangerous): I've seen videos of BASE jumping before (though I didn't know it was called that 'til now); some of those jumpers are totally fucking insane. I've even seen videos of the people who use flying-squirrel-like windsuits to help them glide for a while before they open their parachutes. But I've never seen videos of people who use windsuits to fly as close as possible to a cliff. The parts that I find most astonishing are the two somersaults/rolls in the middle of that video. Lovely and dangerous; I'm caught between admiration and worry for the jumpers' safety. But I imagine that the danger has a lot to do with why they do it.

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