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Finally got Vardibidian's journal ported over to Movable Type. (As he pointed out, for readers this is mostly a cosmetic change; the biggest change is that there's now a feed of his blog.)

I think everything went smoothly. But it's conceivable that (for example) I could have overwritten some of my own entries and/or comments during porting.

So if you see anything weird or wonky (other than the usual weirdness and wonkiness, I mean) in either of these journals (or the Peter blog, or even the sadly long-neglected Neology blog), let me know ASAP and I'll see if I can fix it. I have backups of everything.

And now I really must go sleep.

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Thanks, Jed! Everything seems to be working smoothly over there. I've just mass-deleted my first bunch of MT spam, and it works like a ... well, not like a charm, which would presumably involve much more chanting and incense and gesturing, but like a software thing that works, which is pretty exciting in itself.


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