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Shake it up

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Was sitting here working at my dining room table half an hour ago when the room started shaking. I thought at first it was my upstairs neighbor moving something big, then something really big, then I realized that I don't have an upstairs neighbor.

After another second or two, I figured out it must be an earthquake and moved toward the door, but it stopped before I could get there.

Didn't knock anything off my shelves, but my hanging flying-squirrel stuffy swung back and forth quite a bit. Whee!

Turns out the quake was a magnitude 5.6, centered near San José. See also the reporting map.

If you felt the quake, stop by the USGS site and report your experience!

1 Comment

Heh. My journal entry about the quake also had "Shake it up" as the subject line. Biggest quake I've felt in my seven years in California.

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