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Watchmen movie notes

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They've started shooting the Watchmen movie! For a March, 2009 release!

A blog entry on the official site shows some photos of the sets. Click the photos to see full-size versions. I especially like the first one--instantly recognizable as a scene from the comic. And I'm pleased with their attention to detail--notice the Pale Horse/Krystalnacht concert poster at the far right of that first photo.

The movie's IMDB page lists the cast, and although I'm unfamiliar with most of the actors, I really like the visual casting on almost all of them--that is, I think the faces are good matches for the comic-book faces. (Not exact matches, but good enough to work.) In that regard, I especially like Matt (Max Headroom) Frewer as Moloch.

I finally read the first few scenes of the 1989 Sam Hamm script, up through the opening credits, and really dislike it. I'm glad they've moved on from that.

El Chavo at Latino Review said, in mid-2006, that the Alex Tse script had some problems; more specifically, he said it was basically the David Hayter script (which he liked) plus a bunch of new action/fight scenes. (He also talked about changes to the ending, but I skipped that paragraph.) But apparently there was yet another script written, or anyway revised, this year, by Transformers writers Orci and Kurtman, and I have no idea what might've happened during that rewrite.

Anyway, despite all that, I was still feeling pretty positive about the whole thing. It seems clear that director Snyder and the rest of the people working on the film love the comic and want to create something that does justice to it. So I was cautiously optimistic.

And then I saw an interview with Snyder about 300, from shortly after that movie came out, that includes this line:

You know, when I see [...] someone use words like "neocon," "homophobic," "homoerotic" or "racist" in their review, I kind of just think they don't get the movie and don't understand. It's a graphic novel movie about a bunch of guys that are stomping the snot out of each other. As soon as you start to frame it like that, it becomes clear that you've missed the point entirely.

Wow. So apparently if the director just set out to make a mindless action movie, it's not possible for the result to be homophobic, homoerotic, or racist?


Anyway. I guess I'm still cautiously optimistic, and I'm pleased that the DVD is going to have extras like the Black Freighter sequence. But I'll reserve judgment 'til we know more.

And we've got almost a year and a half to wait 'til the movie comes out, so I suppose it would be best to put it out of my mind for a while.

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Wow -- thanks for the word, Jed, and for summarizing the history of the project. I've heard lots of rumors over the years, and I'm shocked that this is finally going foward. I'm not sure the charms of the original can be fit into a standard length film by any director, but it's cool that the DVD will have the pirates story within the story. Thanks! Tom.

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