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Travel plans

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I've been meaning to post this for a while, but keep forgetting:

This is a heavy travel period for me.

This past weekend, I flew up to Tacoma and Seattle for my grandmother's posthumous 100th-birthday party, and to see family and friends. More on that soon, maybe.

Next weekend, I'll be flying down to LA. The proximate cause is a company trip to a certain major entertainment facility down thataway, but I've been meaning to head down there for years to see Jay & Holly and Gabrielle and her family. So I'm heading down on Saturday and coming back the following Friday. Unfortunately, that's still not enough time to see all my Greater-LA-Area friends, so I'm going to focus mostly on family (plus a couple of friends I haven't seen in quite a long time). I'm hoping to make it down there more often for occasional weekends this year, but I've been saying that every year for a while now. We'll see. Anyway, anyone who I don't manage to see this trip, I'll try and make a point of visiting next time.

I was going to stay for two weekends and the week between, to maximize time for seeing people, but then I realized that if I did that, I would be away from home on five consecutive weekends (see below), and I think that's not a recipe for a happy Jed.

So I'll be home for a weekend. Then the weekend of Feb. 15th, I'll be out in Chicago for a tenth-anniversary/Valentine's weekend with Mary Anne. And the following weekend--assuming we get plane tickets soon--Kam and I will be heading down to Mazatlán.

Lots of running around, lots of travel, lots of socializing. I'm hoping that I'm pacing myself well enough to avoid completely falling apart, but we'll see.

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