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I am not best pleased with my optometrist's office.

I went and had an eye exam two weeks ago, for the first time in quite a few years. That went fine. After the exam, I looked through the office's selection of glasses frames, but had a hard time finding any that weren't either square or oval. I like the rounded quasi-circular frames I've got, but they're getting old--the enamel is chipping off, the screws are regularly coming loose, etc.

I did eventually find a pair that was more or less similar to what I've got. And they had a catalog that showed a slightly larger version of the pair I was looking at, in a different color that I thought I would like better (though it was hard to tell from the tiny partial photo). So I ordered those frames, and while I was at it I ordered custom clip-on sunglasses because the optometrist had told me my pupils are extra-big and thus my eyes should get more sun protection, or something. I really don't like the idea of light-sensitive sunglasses, for all sorts of reasons, so I figured I'd get clip-ons.

But I neglected to ask how long it would take.

A week after my visit, I called to ask when I could expect the new glasses. I was told that they would show up in about another week, and then they would be sent off to get the custom clip-ons made, which would take another three weeks.

I decided that waiting five weeks to get new glasses was ridiculous, so I canceled the custom clip-ons. Figured I could wait another week for the glasses themselves.

Yesterday I got a call saying my glasses had arrived. I came home from work a little early and drove over to the optometrist's office.

And the woman there (assistant? clerk? front desk worker? not sure what her position is) handed me a pair of glasses that weren't the color I was expecting. And she said, "This pair is a loaner. Your actual glasses won't arrive until the 8th. This pair is the same color that you tried on before." (The 8th is another nine days (from yesterday), and I won't be around that day so it'll actually be almost two weeks before I can pick them up.)

I was annoyed, but I tried them on. And I got dizzy.

I took them off, rested my eyes for a minute, put them back on. Still dizzy.

Figured my eyes needed a minute to adjust. I sat down, put them on, looked slowly around the room. So far so good. Turned my head a little faster, and got so dizzy I had to take the glasses off.

The woman took the glasses into the back room, came out, said they were exactly the right prescription.

Then she looked again, and said, "Oh, we'll have to send these back."

I said, "Why?"

She said, "Well, your chart shows one number, and the order for the glasses shows another. He must've copied it down wrong."

So. They didn't tell me custom clip-ons would prevent me from having the glasses for an extra three weeks. They didn't tell me the glasses would take two weeks to arrive. When the glasses did arrive, they didn't tell me that what had arrived was not actually the glasses I'd ordered, but a temporary substitute. And then it turned out that they'd ordered the wrong prescription for me anyway. And although the woman I was talking with was mildly apologetic about all this, she really didn't seem to think any of it was a big deal. (Perhaps because I didn't get upset about it.)

I'm tempted, at this point, to ask them for my prescription, and just go somewhere like LensCrafters or Site for Sore Eyes. That way I'd get the glasses in an hour rather than having to wait at least another week and a half for them. And if a one-hour shop has frames I like in stock, then I can actually see them (including what color they are) before I buy them.


FWIW, I just started going to a new optometrist and she (and her office staff) rocks my world.

Ugh, that's terribly annoying. I'm curious to hear where you're going, before I suggest the one I go to (feel free to respond via email, if you're more comfortable).

I assume you've already heard about the trend of buying spectacles online:


and would rather make the tradeoff of money for pre-purchase auditioning?

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