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New sf commentary site: io9

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Annalee Newitz, Charlie Anders, and a cast of several have been running a blog called io9 for the past few months. It's all about science fiction, with an emphasis on media, camp, real-world science and sf-related news, polls, and general fun.

In case you're not sure where to start, Annalee's latest posting is a helpful roundup of the past week's material: Autism Pills, Madness, and the Tallest Giant Monster. How many sf stories have appeared in the New Yorker? Can you cut Superman with a lightsaber? What architect has designed a two-mile-high eco-tower? What does a gothic cathedral look like when illuminated with multicolored neon animations? Why are Australian criminals building Daleks? Is Kate Moss really a robot? To find out, just click on over to io9.

1 Comment

That list of SF stories that have appeared in The New Yorker is interesting. Some of the stories included are clearly what we could call fantasy ("Sea Oak," for example); io9 also omits items published in the magazine under the heading "Shouts and Murmurs," although those of us in the field would consider many of them to be SF short-shorts. I remember a short piece called "Wings Ahoy!" by Bruce McCall; it was a kind of Waldropian alternate history, consisting of reminiscences of the era of giant seaplanes. One person told an anecdote of a seaplane being unable to take off because the passengers were carrying too much pocket change, intended for use in the arcade of vending machines on the plane.

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