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Sarah Connor ARG


Been meaning to post more about the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I've been quite enjoying. (I've only seen up through episode 4 so far.) But not gonna post about that right now.

Instead, wanted to mention the Alternate Reality Game tied to the show, which I just found out about via BoingBoing.

You can read a straight-faced summary of the setup (with photos and links) at Quiet Earth (a blog "Dedicated to genre film and everything Post Apocalyptic")--a San Francisco company called Enitech has invented a tachyon camera that takes pictures of the future, and they've discovered that there's an apocalypse in our near future. Then the Terminators start to come after them.

You may also be interested in the Dyson Trust website, and in BoingBoing's video.

Note that at about 3:20 in that video, the following flashes on the screen briefly:

gvnrmc uqxjay /
lwyeavmks /
ui /
2fw wyeiet mqyi utbsrft

(Not certain of a couple of those letters.)

No idea what it means, but figured it was worth mentioning.

I can never decide with these things whether to post about them in-game or explicitly refer to them as games. In this case, Quiet Earth did a better job than I would have of an in-game posting, and I don't have the time or energy to actually play the game anyway.


If you want to read more, the wiki has tracked everything since the beginning. Lots of stuff to read up on ;)


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