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Weekend update

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Thanks for the notes and comments on my entry about my father the other day. They helped.

That evening, Kam and I had dinner, and I helped her a little bit with her move, and we went and soaked in a hot tub for a while.

The rest of the weekend kind of zipped by. I read some submissions, and I went through Kam's comics that she's getting rid of to decide which ones I wanted. Which required me to go through my comics to see which ones I already had, which required me to merge-sort about four different sets of comics, some already alphabetized and some not.

There was about a year when I was picking up my comics regularly but not reading them, so I fell way behind on everything. (I partly blame Promethea--the exegesis of Kabbala was fascinating but very dense reading, which made me not enthusiastic about reading it--and partly a general lack of time at the time.) And then the comic store lost my subscription list, so I missed several issues of everything I was reading. And then after they restored it, they lost it again, and I kinda gave up on comics for a while. These days I'm mostly buying things in trade-paperback collections rather than individual issues.

Anyway, so I have a bunch of comics, from once-favorite series, that I haven't read yet. Don't know when I'll find the time to go through 'em.

But sorting them and finding lost treasures was kinda fun.

Sunday, I went to Kathleen's birthday party (happy birthday again!) and hung out with various cool folks for a few hours. In the evening, Kam and I watched four episodes of Enterprise, season 4, including a couple of episodes that were fairly strongly reminiscent of Original Series. We're about halfway through season 4, and though the last few episodes haven't been brilliant, they're still much better than most of the first three seasons.

I think that's about it. Oh, except that I've been teetering on the brink of a cold for a week or two now. Bit of a sore throat today; hoping that's not the first sign of full-blown illness.

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