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Hugo nominees!


I've been so focused on being sick that I totally failed to notice that the list of Hugo nominees was released Thursday night.

So here are some first impressions, without having read anyone else's commentary or discussion (and focusing, as usual for me, on the people who don't regularly appear on the ballot):

I'm sorry to see no SH stories on the list, and I'm sorry to see the paucity of female writers among the nominees in all the fiction categories except novella, where there are three(!).

But I'm delighted to see David's and Ted's novelettes and Bear's short story on the ballot--I ran out of time on nomination day and didn't get to read any of those three (and so reluctantly didn't nominate them), but I suspect I'll enjoy all of them. (And particular congrats to David and Bear for their first Hugo noms!)

And I didn't even know about Daniel's novelette--I saw Logorrhea in the bookstore, was glad to see it get wide release from Bantam, and thought that it looked like the kind of thing I'd like, but ended up not buying it 'cause there are so many other books in my to-read stack. Daniel, John K, Juliet (?), if any of you read this: are you making the full story available online somewhere for Hugo voters to read? Anyway, looking forward to reading Daniel's story one way or another. (And congrats on your first Hugo nom too!)

Other categories:

Shaun Tan's graphic novel The Arrival has been getting a lot of buzz; I was already planning on obtaining and reading it, and I like the art I've seen from it quite a bit.

The Dramatic Presentation categories are pretty much as I expected. I've seen almost all the nominees (which used to be usually true for me but hasn't been true the past year or two)--haven't yet seen Enchanted or "World Enough and Time," but both were already on my list to see.

Pleased to see Jonathan Strahan and Ellen Datlow on the short-form Editor list; surprised to see Gardner and Hartwell drop off that list; pleased to see that there are enough prominent short-form editors to make the list not a foregone conclusion.

On the long-form Editor list, glad to see Beth Meacham appear for the first time since 1993.

Congrats to Cheryl and Scalzi for the (not-unexpected) Fan Writer noms. (Um, and to Scalzi for the (not-unexpected) Novel nom, of course.) And although I still haven't read much of his stuff, the name "Chris Garcia" kept popping up in conversation this past fall; dunno if that's just 'cause of who I've been hanging out with, or if he's been getting more attention lately. (He was also on the ballot last year.)

I'm kind of shocked not to see Frank on the artist lists. Alas!

And finally, congrats to SH author Mary K for the Campbell nom! And for being the only primarily-short-story author (I think) and the only woman on the Campbell ballot. That last surprises me; women have, by and large, been better-represented on the Campbell ballot than in the fiction categories lately, and this is the first time since 1982 that there haven't been at least two women on the Campbell ballot. (There've often been three, sometimes four, and at least once five.)

(Side note about that: I had been thinking that the number of women on the Campbell ballot meant it was likely that there were more women among newer authors, and thus that over time we'd see more women in the fiction categories. But it turns out that women were very well-represented on the Campbell ballot back in the early '90s, when they were also fairly well-represented on the Hugo ballot, and that hasn't translated into more women in the Hugo fiction categories.)


Thank you! It does look like the other fellows are primarily novelists.

Hi Jed, thanks for the kind words, though I was astounded that anyone remembered who I was.

Frank announced publicly that he'd be declining nomination this year, which kind of discourages people from voting for him.

As for Chris, if you want to meet him, he's generally at BASFA, which is now meeting much closer to you (though you should wait until he gets back from his TAFF trip).

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