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Birthday week


I hereby declare this week to be my birthday week. See last year's birthday week entry for more thoughts about that.

This time around, I have no particular activities or plans specifically scheduled, except seeing Evanses at the beginning of the week and more Evanses at the end of the week; a good way to start and end the week. I'll probably develop some more plans as the week develops.

(Added an hour after this went live, 'cause I hate to make significant changes to an entry after it's been live for a while: I wrote this entry a few days ago and set it to post automatically, so it's no longer entirely accurate. I'm still sick, so not up to doing much socializing today, alas. Some day, my cold will end; some day I'll breathe again; okay, I don't really have enough brain to be writing filks this morning.)


Happy first day of your birthday week! :-)

Belated thank you!

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