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Resume review

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I've been meaning for ages to write an entry about writing resumes and interviewing for jobs and so on, but not gonna manage that today. Instead, something that Susan recently linked to reminded me to mention one specific key point about writing a resume:

Always, always have someone else look over your resume before you send it out.

Even if you've been reading and editing other people's resumes for years. Even if you think that of course you know how to write a resume.

Somehow, it's very easy to be blind to the flaws in one's own resume. Some of the bits that you're proudest of may not be relevant to the job you're applying for. You may be assuming that the reader will know what your cryptic acronyms stand for. You may have been so focused on describing the details of what you did at a particular job that you neglected to mention the big picture. Your formatting may be attractive but hard to read. And for that matter, there may be typos that you're just too close to see.

I suppose most of the above could also be applied to things like cover letters for stories, and even stories themselves. But for now, I'm just talking about resumes.

Nope, I'm not job-hunting myself, nor have I been looking at applicants' resumes at work lately. But every time I have looked at applicants' resumes, in any of the paying jobs I've had, it's made me want to post an entry like this one. So figured that now, when I haven't looked at any lately, would be a good time to post this.

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heh, you must have been getting vibes from me. I'm rewriting my resume to incorporate suggestions from a friend (who happens to be a career counselor). The bit about focusing on the details and not the big picture is particularly aimed at me ;)

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