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Bring out the Ultrasonic Nebulizer!

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I don't recall having heard the term "ultrasonic nebulizer" before a couple of weeks ago, but ever since I noticed it, I've been seeing it all over.

It keeps tickling me--it sounds like something that would appear on a Dr. Who episode. Perhaps a cross between a sonic screwdriver and a neuralyzer? Or an agonizer?

Or, as Captain Jack might say: "Who looks at a nebulizer and thinks, 'Oooh, this could be a little more ultrasonic'?"

Anyway. As of a few days ago, I'm now the proud owner of my very own device that's somewhat like an ultrasonic nebulizer, only it's more like an ultrasonic humidifier. A cheap one from Walgreens--just to put water into the air, not to nebulize medicine. Haven't been using it much, though, because of a design flaw: the lid unit (containing the vibrating bit) just kinda rests loosely on top of the base unit (containing the water reservoir) rather than, say, being attached in some way. So as the top part vibrates, it rattles around. So in fact it's a little bit too sonic to use while I'm sleeping or trying to concentrate.

And I've run it a couple of times when the rattling won't bother me, but it didn't seem to have a noticeable effect on my cold.

In other medical news, a couple nights ago I picked up two NyQuil, popped them in my mouth, and attempted to swallow--and one of them lodged at the top of my throat, transverse to the opening. This was not as dangerous as it may sound, 'cause I could still breathe around it, but I still freaked out a bit. After some gagging, I managed to dislodge it, and all was okay--except that of course it meant that right then, at the point of trying to go to sleep, I had managed to give myself a big adrenaline jolt and make part of my throat even more painfully sore than it had already been. I ruefully acknowledged the irony of the situation while spraying anaesthetic on my throat.

(Wrote this a couple days ago, neglected to post it.)

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