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Good news?


A few years ago, I posted an entry asking for good news. The resulting comments were great, and very much appreciated. Sadly, they were kind of overshadowed by my father's death a few days later. (And the difficulties that he was in the week before his death were part of why I was looking for good news that day.)

So this week, which perhaps I ought to dub "positivity week" given my entries, I'd like to repeat the request. This time there isn't any bad news that I'm looking to be uplifted out of; I just think it'll add to my enjoyment of my week if y'all tell me about good stuff.

To repeat the description from last time:

Let me know what's going right in your lives. Anything, no matter how small or how big, is fair game. If you've already written it up elsewhere, you can just post a link. Tell me something that made you smile, or cheered you up; tell me about new kids, new pets, life milestones, seeing pretty flowers by the side of the road, a good book you just read, a promotion, a story sale, an invitation you received, anything.

As before, I may not reply, but I'll read and appreciate all the comments.


We have an abundance of fragrant jasime in our front yard that has been in full bloom much longer than expected.

When I smell the jasmine, it reminds me of why some sayings, like "take time to stop and smell the flowers" are so valid that they have become cliches.

We got new flooring throughout the house. A couple weeks later, it rained very heavily and we got a bit of water seeping up in the basement. I wiped it away. And that seems to be the end of it. So I am even happier with our flooring choices.

I have done a fair bit of skiing, enjoyed it, wanted more, felt pain in my quads more than my calves, etc., etc.

Charlie, once so protective of his paws, let me look at the foot he was favoring this weekend. He growled a bit if we prodded the broken toenail, but it was a vocalization growl rather than a serious growl. He was very well behaved at the vet and now he's on the mend, albeit looking a bit ridiculous with his bandage and e-collar. I am incredibly pleased by the trust he now places in us. He wasn't a seriously damaged dog when we got him, but he did have his neuroses. Still does, but they're much reduced.

Japanese origami spaceships are awesome.

A coworker suggested I join linkedin.com as a way to stay in touch with folks here (since I'm leaving for a new job in a month). After I joined last week, on a whim I searched for my best friend from high school, who I've been out of touch with for years. He has a very very common name, so I was never able to find him using Google or the like. But I knew he had worked at IBM, so I did a search. When someone came up, I sent him a message -- "are you by any chance the Ed Gray who..." and it WAS HIM! And, amazingly, he had also just joined linkedin THAT SAME DAY. We've emailed a bunch of times and had two long phone conversations; I'm very excited to be back in touch with him (we were very close in high school).

Asparagus and portobello bread pudding cooling on the stove for a lunch guest coming any minute; hot fresh chocolate chip cookies in the oven and cooling on the counter.

I made brownies last night, and we have fresh milk from the local dairy.

Spring is around the corner and some of my plants are peeking up through the earth.

I have a veggie cassoulet on the stove.

Clarion West called last Sunday and asked if I wanted to attend.

I ordered a bunch of books to read in preparation for Clarion West. I GET TO READ FICTION FOR PREPARATION. Ah, the joy of life.

This post.

There is an awesome Pharaoh exhibit at the local museum; my six-year-old and I are so going this weekend!

I signed with a new agent and am very, very happy about it.

My translation of a 300+ page math book is finished, corrected, and sent to the editor.

My music teacher, who seemed to be on a totally different wavelength, finds things to say that actually help.

My nine-year old, who's becoming immune to tickling because we "practice" so much laughed easily and abundantly tonight.

The branches I cut off our pear tree last week and put on our table are starting to bloom.

I finally figured how to continue/finish the novel I haven't worked on in a couple of years.

I worked out the nature of a complicated personal relationship, and it's all good.

A translation of Photoshop to HTML is going vastly better than I thought it would.

I saw a deer grazing by the side of the road on my way to work, in densely-populated-for-New-Hampshire Manchester.

I'm ridiculously caught up in the two-months-until-book excitement. I haven't written this up yet, but there's a banner ad for my book in this week's Publisher's Weekly Children's:


Also, I haven't yet done your birthday kindness. Just one more day! At work tomorrow, for sure.


Yesterday there were 3 deer in the neighbor's yard, and the dozen or so quail that live around here visit our yard every day. Several of my salvia bushes are blooming. I hiked to the top of a mountain on Easter Sunday. (A very *small* mountain, admittedly, but I'm still proud of the accomplishment). I've made an effort to reconnect with some friends I haven't seen in a while, and (mostly) gotten very positive responses.

I just had my one-and-only SF short story re-published in Escape Pod, which made me happy; cuddling with my sweet, loving border collie mix, Maya, makes me happy every day; I'm re-reading the whole Sorcery & Cecilia trilogy by Caroline Stevermer and Patricia Wrede, which is an absolute cheer-me-up every single time round.

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