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A Fair(y) Use Tale


Bhadrika pointed me to this lovely video a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to post it:

"A Fair(y) Use Tale," a treatise on copyright and fair use in the form of tiny snippets of about two dozen Disney movies. Almost every word (and sometimes a part of a word) comes from a different clip, though some of the same clips are used several times. It's kind of like Doctor Know-It-All played by Disney characters.

It's cute and entertaining, though perhaps a bit too long (at over ten minutes). Still, if you have any interest in this stuff, take a look; at least watch the first few minutes to get the idea.

(And looking at the credits, I realized that I've still never seen Dumbo or Disney's Pinocchio. Or Bambi. Don't think I've seen Disney's Peter Pan, either. I should watch those at some point.)


I'm not sure how much you enjoy animation, but Pinocchio is art! The story is not my favorite, but watching all of the hand-drawn detail is amazing, especially the water sequence. I'm not sure how much rotoscoping was used in Pinocchio, but I love how much more like an Arthur Rackham fairy tale both Pinocchio (and Snow White) look like than some of the latter Disney animation. But I'm a big fan of Max Fleischer (the guy who invented the technique of Rotoscoping, and brought us Betty Boop) and I prefer some of the Fleischer Brother animation to Disney. I love Guillver's Travels and I really like Mr. Bug Goes to town. I always thought that Gulliver looked so much better than most of the humans in Disney animation (until Pixar, that is).
Dumbo is good. It has one of the most creative Disney story lines, and I like it a lot. I consider most of the Disney movies up to and including Bambi art. Peter Pan is wonderful because of Captain Hook an the Crocidile, but it isn't as pretty, original, or interesting as the shorts and movies before 1950. Still, it is a lot better than most of the stuff out there that is considered a movie, and with some popcorn a good way to spend some time.
Speaking of which, I hope you are enjoying all of your birthday month, especially your actual birthday. May your time be spent with joy and child-like wonder. Happy Birthday.

Oh..and Bambi is lovely, but just too sad for me, really good! But I'm not sure if it is a good movie for you.

By the way, Happy Birthday!! See you in a few weeks!!

I was a Disney fan, so I've seen all of those (and usually get all teary during Dumbo or Bambi). Worth seeing, mostly for cultural references...

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