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The Big Snit


Somehow I seem to have failed to link to Canadian animator Richard Condie's 1985 short film "The Big Snit," one of my favorite animated shorts.

It came to mind yesterday when Mary Anne was telling me about Scrabulous, because it features a couple of funny Scrabble bits.

It's the source of such catch-phrases as "Sawing for Teens" and "Stop shaking your eyes!" and "CARROST," none of which will be funny until you see the movie.

Last time I showed it to someone, they didn't enjoy it as much as I did/do, but I'm still recommending it anyway. Keep a particular eye on the backgrounds, such as the giant tire in the corner of the kitchen.


Oh God, I love that film. You might also want to watch Getting Started, also by Richard Condie... it's kind of slow at the beginning but the ending just kills me every time.

For me, The Big Snit was one of the most important films of my high-school years.

I can still crack up my siblings with an odd "... or under a refrigerator ..."

I don't know why it had such an influence on me. It really made my week when someone first sent me the link to the Animations at NFB page.

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