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Productive but not productive enough

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I had a fairly productive weekend, but still didn't come close to getting everything on my to-do list done, which suggests that I had too much on it to start. Or that I spent too much time goofing off, which is also true.

Things I did (many of which weren't on my to-do list):

  • Read subs.
  • Finally dealt with some magazine schedule issues that I've been procrastinating on for far too long.
  • Did some (but not enough) editing.
  • Got WisCon plane tickets.
  • Played DDR (which I'm trying to do more often for exercise).
  • Had lunch outside in the sun.
  • Trimmed my beard and got a haircut.
  • Got groceries.
  • Made dinner (only spaghetti, but still more than I've done in a while).
  • Paid overdue cell-phone bill.
  • Watched the Dr. Who Christmas special. (The one with Kylie Minogue. Silly goofy fun in parts, unnecessarily tragic and sad in other parts, overall not bad.)
  • Watched the last five episodes of Enterprise. (More on that eventually.)
  • Deleted the last five episodes of Torchwood from the TiVo. (I stuck with it through the Martha episodes, but I wasn't thrilled with those, and the last few of the season were written by Chibnall, and I figured (with help from Wendy) that I probably just wouldn't enjoy the rest of the season much. I did skim through the wedding episode, but was just as happy not to watch the whole thing.)
  • Also deleted both parts of the new Sense & Sensibility from the TiVo; realized that I had no particular desire to see it, and it's three hours long.
  • Played a few rounds of an online Java version of Sevens/fan-tan. (Note: the rules are a little unusual; for details, click "how to play.")
  • Watched a bit of Eddie Izzard on BBC America--they had several of his shows back-to-back, but luckily I managed to tear myself away after not too long.
  • Finished reading the Waldrop collaborations collection, Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations. (Unless I decide to re-read "Black as the Pit" after all; I didn't enjoy it much when I first read it, years ago, and it's pretty long. But I liked "One Horse Town" better this time through, so it's possible I'll try "Pit" again.)
  • Dealt with several more email crashes and a whole lot of spam.
  • Dealt with a couple more incursions of ants.

Things I didn't do:

  • Taxes. I filed an extension the other day, so I have until October, but I've delayed filing taxes before, and I really don't want that to happen again.
  • Get ahead on editing, though I did do a little.
  • A bunch of other magazine tasks.
  • Laundry.
  • Write a bunch of journal entries I've been planning.
  • Catch up on email.
  • Continue sorting through papers and straightening up my room.
  • Assemble and populate bookcase.
  • Lots of other projects-in-progress.
  • Watch Enchanted.
  • Buy pants and shoes.
  • Get back on a schedule that involves being asleep before 2:30 a.m.
  • Convince my throat to stop being painfully dry.

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You forgot 'chat with Mary Anne'. :-)

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