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Women in Horror


I just happened across a site called Pretty/Scary: "For Women in Horror, By Women in Horror."

I'm not into horror myself, but there were various items I found interesting on the front page, such as:

Anyway, I'm guessing that any of y'all women who are into horror already know about this site, but I figured it couldn't hurt to point to it just in case.

P.S.: Is there a directory somewhere of genre-related and/or geeky sites by/for women? It seems like I'm suddenly encountering a bunch of them.


We have a directory for gaming blogs/sites by women at Iris (http://directory.theirisnetwork.org/index.php?title=Main_Page), but that's the only geeky women directory I know about - there really ought to be more, if there aren't.

Thanks for writing about my site! You rock!!!!

- heidi, owner/editor of Pretty/Scary

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