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Strange Horizons fund drive 2008

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It's time for this year's Strange Horizons fund drive.

Susan has posted a couple of entries about it on the new SH blog. There are the usual rewards for membership: a fabulous membership card (this year's features art by Jeremiah Tolbert); mugs and T-shirts; the satisfaction of supporting the longest-lived online prozine in our efforts to bring you the best speculative fiction and nonfiction; etc.

There's also new stuff this year, such as:

Bonus prize drawings. As Susan put it, "When we reach $2000 in donations, everyone who donated up to that point will be entered in a drawing" for a bonus prize; same when we reach $4000, and when we hit the final $6000 goal. So donate early!

Blogger incentive prizes. Anyone who links to the fund drive page during the fund drive will be eligible for a prize drawing; there'll be a different prize each week.

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