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To veep or not to veep

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It's possible that I'm being ridiculously naive, but it seems to me that the press is overinterpreting whatever Clinton says this week about the vice presidency.

First she said that she was "open to" being Obama's running mate if it would help the Democrats. This was widely reported in a tone that made it sound like she was begging or demanding Obama to pick her.

Now she says that she's "not seeking the vice presidency," and it's being widely reported in a tone that makes it sound like she's rejecting the possibility entirely.

It seems to me that her message on this subject this week has been clear and consistent and reasonable: if Obama asks her, and if it'll help Obama get elected, she's willing to consider it. That's not a demand and it's not a rejection. But I get the impression that the press really doesn't want to think about anything that's between the two extremes.

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Well, and there was the business of the fellow (Johnson? Damn, I can't remember his name) who said that he had been authorized by Senator Clinton to rile up her supporters to a public groundswell of support for her on the ticket. Or didn't say that. Or said it, but it wasn't true. Or something.

The important thing is that now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the Party, by giving unsolicited, unrealistic and contradictory advice to the nominee. I know I will.


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