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SH fund drive, week 2

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In the first week of the Strange Horizons fund drive, we've received over $1400 in donations; almost a quarter of the way to our goal, in roughly a quarter of the month. Yay!

That means we're coming up on the first $2000 milestone, which means the first bonus prize drawing will be happening soon, for everyone who's donated up to that point. But it's not too late to be part of that drawing. (And there'll be another one at $4000, and a third at $6000.)

And in case anyone missed it, Susan posted about last week's bonus blogger prize (for people who link to the fund drive): a set of Datlow/Windling fairy-tale anthologies. That'll also be awarded soon. Keep an eye on the SH blog for info about this week's bonus blogger prize.

Also! A bunch of new items have been added to the non-bonus prizes--the regular donor prizes that donors can choose at the end of the fund drive. These items have been donated by all sorts of cool folks; the items include a bunch of cool books and magazines, as well as a few more unusual items, such as a doodle by Greg Van Eekhout, jewelry donated by Amanda Downum, and a copy of the award-winning video game Mass Effect autographed by members of the writing and design team, donated by Patrick Weekes. I believe that donating any amount of money to the fund drive makes you eligible for the donor prize drawing.

So: donate! Link to us! Tell your friends!

And thank you to those who've already done so.

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