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First weddings!

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The Mercury News this afternoon had a report on the first fully-state-recognized same-sex weddings in San Francisco and Oakland. Yay!

Also a mention of a couple from San José (or possibly Mountain View; the article is unclear) who are getting married on Tuesday, when Santa Clara County starts:

The couple is using President Bush's economic stimulus check to pay for their wedding.

"It paid for everything," David Speakman said, "so we should probably send him a thank you note."

The Seattle Times had more info about today's weddings, including notes on Alameda, Sonoma, and Yolo counties.

I had considered going up to SF on Tuesday to stand outside City Hall and cheer, but that's not gonna happen. Also considered going to San José, where there'll probably be fewer people celebrating--which means that it would be less fun for me, but also that celebrations would probably be more appreciated by the newlyweds--but I don't think I'm gonna manage that.

See also the Chronicle's list of when the weddings will start in various Bay Area counties.

It's all very exciting, and very pleasing. If any of you go celebrate, or for that matter if any of you are getting married this week, can you post comments here linking to descriptions, photos, etc?

Congratulations to all who are getting married!

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I don't know if pictures will be available, but Elizabeth is down at the LA County offices down in Norwalk today, and will be officiating weddings (same sex, opposite sex) pretty much nonstop all day.

She's also got about a dozen other same-sex weddings booked this week. I don't know if she'll have pictures, but when she does, I'm sure they'll be posted on her web site.

We were too young to be Freedom Riders in the last major civil rights struggle, but she's making up for lost time!

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