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SH fund drive, week 3

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After two weeks of this year's Strange Horizons fund drive, we've received nearly $2500 in donations; which is nice, but it means that we're less than halfway to our $6000 goal, with a little more than half the month over.

There continues to be a new Blogger Incentive Prize each week. This week, if you blog about the fund drive, you'll become eligible for a drawing for a handcrafted prize pack: a hand-knitted Dalek, a nifty necklace (three braided strands of pearls, glass, and Swarovski crystals), and a papercraft copy of "Dancing with Stones," this week's SH poem.

Haven't you always wanted a knitted Dalek? You can put the necklace around it and set the poem in front of it, and you'll have a diorama of a Dalek poetry reading. Fun for the whole family!

So please blog about (and link to) the fund drive. If you want to be certain that the development team knows about your blog entry, you can email them; see a recent SH blog post for details.

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