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SH fiction update


So close to being done!

We have now responded to almost all of the stories that've ever been submitted to the SH fiction department, and we've explicitly told the authors of the remaining stories that we're still considering them.

So if you haven't heard back from us about a story you've submitted to us, please query immediately.

As always, this applies only to the fiction department.


Hi Jed!

Speaking of Strange Horizons, do they not want science articles anymore? I went looking for science articles to see what they'd published recently and couldn't find anything later than 2002.


Hi, Cat -- I don't know much about what the Articles department wants, but their guidelines page says (as of a couple months ago) "Science submissions [...] are still in relatively short supply."

...Oh, I see the problem: it seems that the Articles department has stopped tagging articles by type/subject. So has Fiction, for that matter. We really need to revamp the archives. So try running the archive search without the category filter, just looking at all articles, to get a better sense of what they're publishing.

Here's a recent science article: "Who's Afraid of Nanotech?" by Corie Ralston.

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