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Social and nonsocial

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Been an odd past couple weeks.

Got back from Alumni Weekend (which was, of course, very social) the evening of Sunday the 8th. Did essentially no socializing Monday through Friday; the people who I've spent about 90% of my social time with (when I haven't been traveling) in the past year were out of town and/or unavailable, and my mood was such that I didn't really want to interact with anyone anyway.

Then Saturday evening I BARTed up to SF to have dinner with Debbie N, which was lovely.

Sunday early afternoon I drove up to the Exploratorium, where I hung out for a couple hours with Jessica & Matt (who were in town for the weekend) and Geoff & Michelle & kids (Brandon and Henry).

The Exploratorium was much fun as always. I spent a little too long in the biology section (which I'm generally not so interested in), leaving me with no time to explore the back half of the lower level, but y'know, I've been there plenty of times over the years, and I can always go back. And it was fun to be there as a social thing. And even in the sections I went through, there were plenty of cool and fun and interesting bits.

The best part was a social aspect: Brandon (who I've seen twice in the past couple months, after only intermittent encounters over the previous few years, but haven't interacted with a whole lot) decided he liked me, and started getting excited about showing me various things. We got down to the ground floor and we were looking at the cloud chamber, and then he grabbed my hand and ran down the hall, dragging me to the rainbow-shadows wall and the frozen bubbles. Kids being excited to see and interact with me is one of my favorite things, when it happens; perhaps especially because I never expect it. I like kids, especially my friends' kids, but I always assume that they won't remember me, especially when I haven't interacted with them much; I always melt when one of them makes clear that they like me.

Anyway. After the Exploratorium, I drove over to Berkeley to hang out with Susan & Matt on their last evening in California. (Sadness! I mean, I'm sure they'll be happy out East and all, and it's not like I made it up to Berkeley to see them very often anyway, but still.) (And I saw Tim & Heather & River there briefly, and others for a little longer.)

And then that night, after returning to the Peninsula, hung out with Jessica & Matt for another hour or so.

So after an antisocial week, Saturday evening through Sunday evening provided sort of a sudden intense quadripartite burst of socializing with a bunch of people who I like a great deal but see too rarely. (Some of whom, of course, are semi-local, so I could actually see them more often. I hope to work on that.)

Then little or no social interaction Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday (unless you count a dentist appointment), and then Twig's birthday dinner tonight. (Which included seeing Kam for the first time in weeks--we were both out of town, then she was sick, then I was out of town, then she was out of town again.)

So I'll probably try for a little downtime over the next few days. Especially 'cause I've got more travel coming up--but more on that in another entry.

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I'm always amazed (and overjoyed) when, after many months of not seeing them Michael and Brian McNary run up to me and hug me and call me "Uncle Will".

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