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Jed the Unready


I just barely got the MailTemplate plugin installed and working last night before we reopened to subs and the onslaught began.

The highest volume of submissions we've ever had was 45 stories in a day, this past January 1. The second-highest was 40 in a day, on 2 January 2007.

In the past 12 hours, we've had 38.

I am so not ready to be dealing with submissions again.

Among other things, there are a host of minor and major improvements that I've been planning to make to the database and to the entering-stories-into-the-database process for many months. I was waiting for some downtime, when we weren't being deluged with subs, to deal with that. Only of course as soon as we closed to subs, I stopped being confronted on a daily basis with the flaws in my system, so it became less urgent. Other things took priority, like catching up on the subs we already had, and travel, and sickness, and day job, and being grumpy. And now, two months later, I haven't made any of those improvements.

I might be inspired to do so now, were it not for the fact that I'm having to scramble to patch my mail system together with spit and baling wire. I had finally reconciled myself to giving up on Eudora entirely, because despite Mail.app's flaws, it's clearly better than Eudora in a variety of ways. But in the past 12 hours I've discovered many more areas where Eudora is way more powerful, elegant, and useful, and now I'm uncertain again. A bunch of stuff having to do with submission management is just going to be a big pain with Mail.app. I suppose I could learn to write Mail.app plugins. In my copious free time.

Ah, well. Waiting for the mythical Time When I'll Have Enough Time To Do Everything I Want To Do is not a useful strategy. Patchwork and makeshift systems have gotten us this far; I suppose they can limp along a little longer.

(And yes, I know that Ethelred wasn't really unready in the modern sense of the word.)


Sorry you're swamped again already (and for contributing to it). I had a feeling today would be very high volume.

May I ask, when you re-open on July 1, for example, do you open at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time, or just wait until sometime the next morning? Mind you, I wasn't going to stay up on purpose to try to be one of the first to submit today, but if I'd been awake anyway, I might have been tempted. But I'm a few hours earlier than you anyway, so I didn't know what to expect. Sorry if that was on the closure notice and I missed it.

And in the meantime, hang in there!

Hi, Amy! I knew today would be high-volume, but didn't expect it to be this high-volume.

Our server is on the US east coast, so we use Eastern time as our official clock. So we open and close at midnight Eastern, or 9 p.m. California time. I try to make openings and closings happen within a minute or two of that time, but sometimes I'm a little slow.

And nope, that info isn't in the closure notice; you didn't miss it. I should probably add it. Especially because it ends up meaning that for people in other parts of the world, our openings and closings can be most of day off from the specified date.

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