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More about the next-door murders


The San José Mercury has more details about the people who were killed next door to me over the weekend. There's also more info in a Mountain View Voice article. A fair bit of the info in both comes from a new police dept. press release.

Some notes:

The man and the woman were, as had been indicated in previous articles, brother and sister. They were both in their mid-20s.

It turns out that the woman's eight-year-old son was asleep in the house at the time; he wasn't (physically) injured, and is now with family. Police took him out of the house through the bedroom window so he wouldn't see his mother and uncle dead in the living room. The poor kid.

Apparently the woman tried to call 911 from a cell phone, but because we live right by the freeway, the call was routed to the CHP instead of to local police. Reminder to self: if you ever need to call 911 from home, use a landline if at all possible. Not that I'll remember that in an emergency.

And the dispatcher didn't understand her street name, and then the call got cut off. All this was apparently an hour before the actual deaths, if I'm understanding right.

What a mess.

As various articles have noted, this makes five murders in Mountain View so far this year; most years, there's only one, and there've never been more than five in a year.


Oh Lord that's a scary story.

I'm really sorry. This is too close to home for you in more ways than one.

Sorry to hear about this.

Many police departments have regular direct-dial numbers that go to their 911 systems. On my previous cellphone, I'd loaded the direct-dial emergency numbers of a large number of local municipalities that I find myself in. Haven't gotten around to duplicating it on my current cellphone. I should do that.

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