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First day total


During the first 24 hours of being open to subs again, we received 73 stories. The previous one-day record was 45.

Seventy-three is nearly a normal week's worth of stories. We've got a lot of reading ahead of us.


Haha, I have contributed to your downfall by reading.

Wow - that is unreal. Have you guys ever considered putting out 2 stories per issue? With that much material, there must be 102 stories that make the grade. Then again, that won't ease your work load and you'd have to hire an additional staff member - never mind, stupid suggestion.

Joey: Well, I suppose there are worse downfalls than downfall-by-reading. So, thanks, I guess. :)

Anonymous: Sadly, the biggest limiting factor has always been our budget. If we had more money, we could run longer stories, and at least a few more of them. (For example, we could stop splitting long stories across two weeks.)

But it's also true that we don't get enough material that we want to publish to run two stories a week. Much of the time lately we're actually seeing fewer stories that we want to publish than we have in the past. I have a hard time explaining that--I can't imagine that the total number of good stories (whatever that means) being submitted per month has gone down (not when the total number of stories submitted per month has doubled over the past couple years), so that would seem to suggest that our tastes are changing. But we don't feel like our tastes are changing, and we still like the older stories that we published. So ... kind of a mystery.

Sorry about being anonymous (I'm the same one who you just responded to), but I hate signing up for things! Thanks for that response. Regardless of your uncertainty regarding the cause for such a change in submissions (real or perceived), you guys are doing something right - it's a great magazine and everyone wants to be a part of it.

On another note, have you checked out Nick Mamatas' latest blog entry? Some asshat just stole four laptops from Clarion West students.

Anonymous: You're welcome to stay anonymous (I'm fine with anonymous comments, as long as they're polite, as yours have been). But it's worth noting that by putting your name in the "name" box in my comment form, you don't sign up for anything. You don't have to use the signin options--just put your name in the box that says Name. (You can leave the email box blank.)

But again, it's fine to stay anonymous too.

I hadn't yet seen Nick's entry--thanks for pointing it out. I'm very sorry to hear about the laptop theft--that really sucks.

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