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Spam news network

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A recent development in email spam subject lines: provocative fake news headlines (often political), some of which are kinda amusing.

Some examples from my recent mail, in no particular order:

  • Clinton withdraws support for Obama
  • Madonna admits to extra marital affair
  • Mccaine vows to remain celibate
  • Obama bows out of presidential race
  • Spielberg found dead in freak accident
  • Eminem found dead in disco toilet
  • Obama shows his larger than life manhood [I suppose this one might be of the "nude photos of celebrities" genre instead, but those are pretty much always female celebrities.]
  • McCain withdraws from presidential race
  • Hilary Clinton castigated in broad daylight
  • Talks break down, world war unavoidable [And variant: Third World War has begun]
  • USA declares war on Iran [And lots of variants]

I imagine most of y'all have seen some of this kind of thing by now, but I was amused enough to post 'em anyway.

And there are a fair number of real-world news headlines as spam subject lines these days, too. It can sometimes take some time to figure out which is which.

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