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Watchmen trailer!!!


The Watchmen trailer is out, and it's gorgeous.

A few tiny false notes, and a few smallish things that make me hesitant (overuse of slo-mo, too much black leather and body armor), but overall the look is stunning. And there's at least one moment that I think is an exact copy of a frame from the comic, though I'd have to go back and check to be sure.

Thanks for the pointer, Colin! You made my day.

Oh, and in case anyone's confused by the "2009" caption early on in the preview, I'm pretty sure that's just the release date--my understanding (including from the description on the abovelinked Apple page) is that the movie is indeed set in the same alternate 1985 as the comic.

Release date is 6 March 2009. I can't wait. It could still suck as a movie and as an adaptation, but it sure will look good.

. . . Hee--the cast list on that Apple page includes Laurie Juspeczyk and Jon Osterman. Methinks someone (or some automatic parsing system) didn't realize that the names were alternating actor names with their character names.

. . . I just downloaded the iPod version of the trailer to put on my iPhone, just because I can.


I'm (very) cautiously optimistic after the trailer.

I was incredibly underwhelmed by 300, and most especially Snyder's repeated insistence that there was no subtext to the story. That continues to worry me a great deal with him adapting Watchmen.

Either he was being disingenuous about 300 and knew full well what he was making politically, in which case Watchmen is not sympathetic to him, and he's likely to wreck it; or he's deaf to subtext and his adaptation is going to be watery and slavish.

And yet... Pretty much everything with Dr. Manhattan in that trailer is perfect, right on down to the fact that when he appears in the room full of people he's got blurred out anatomically accurate bits, the same way he did in the comic. And that part where the multiple copies of him are merging, the look on the one in front is so very perfect.

...I think I'll just watch that again.

After Maureen McHugh's GoH speech at Wiscon, about Alternate Reality games, I'm now watching all the publicity stuff for Watchmen _really closely_, looking for odd links. Because if ever there was a film that would make a good portal to an AG...

It wasn't subtext in 300, it was text!

I'm planning on watching the dubbed German version if it turns out they've blown the script.

(If it turns out it's all slo-mo and 21st-century heavy metal, well, I can always wait till someone gives it the 300-style condensed PG treatment.)

I'm sure they'll ruin it, like they always do.

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