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Boston plans

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I don't remember whether I even told y'all I was coming to Boston.

I'm here for a wedding, next weekend. But I try to spend a couple of weeks here whenever I visit, 'cause a substantial percentage of my college friends ended up here, so it takes a while to see everyone. (And even so, I rarely manage to see everyone.)

This trip, I was going to come on Saturday or Sunday, but then Michael mentioned that this weekend is Readercon. I've never been to Readercon, and always kinda wanted to go. So that's probably where I'll spend most of the weekend.

This coming week, I'll work remotely for a couple days, and spend the rest of the time seeing friends.

Then the wedding next weekend, and then a couple more days of seeing friends, and then I fly home.

As usual, I have utterly failed to make specific plans to see specific people on specific days, so I'm going to have to do my usual "Um, hi, I'm here in Boston, sorry I didn't tell you I was coming. Are you available?" thing.

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Welcome to New England!


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