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My travel year, revisited

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I got curious on Friday and counted my travel days this year. (See last month's entry for details of where I went when.)

Criteria: An "away" day is a day when I'm at some distant location (a plane flight away from home), or traveling back from such a location, or traveling to such a location if I left home before around 5 p.m. that day. (That is, if I leave home in the evening to fly somewhere, that day nonetheless counts as a home day.)

By that definition, from January 26 through February 25, inclusive, I was home for 14 days and away for 17 days.

From May 22 through August 10, inclusive, I will have been home for a total of 42 days, and away for a total of 39 days.

Both of those are skewed by the fact that, in each of those blocks of time, I’m starting counting on my first day away and stopping on my last day away.

Still, that's a 31-day period in which I was gone more than half the time, and an 81-day period in which I'll be gone nearly half the time. Even counting the couple of months between the two busy periods, it's two months of being away from home during a seven-month period.

For someone who doesn’t actually like travel (though I do like the seeing-people that travel results in), this is both kinda impressive and kinda exhausting.

We've decided that I'm not going to New Zealand in December after all, so I'm currently expecting that WorldCon will be my last trip of the year. Of course, a small voice in my head keeps saying "But you could fly up to Seattle or down to LA for a weekend!" And there was some vague discussion of another Chicago visit. But at least for now, I'm going to pretend that after August 10 I will never leave home again.

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World Fantasy... :-)

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