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Too sleepy to say much just yet, but wanted to note for now that Kendra & Jere7my's wedding was lovely.

Sometimes when I attend weddings, it takes me a while to get That Wedding Feeling--to get caught up in the wonder and joy of it, to really appreciate what's going on. Sometimes it doesn't happen 'til the end of the ceremony, sometimes even later.

In this case, it happened sometime Friday. I know that the planning and preparation were stressful in various ways for K & J, but I've been walking around with a big goofy grin on my face for the past couple days. I'm unaccountably happy to see them get married, even though of course there's been nothing wrong with their having not been married for all these years they've been together.

So even the practice run-through of the vows in the rehearsal on Friday made me cry, and the real vows on Saturday even more so. It helped that they were very nice vows.

. . . Have tried about five times now to say more here, have determined that I am in fact too sleepy to add anything coherent. So I'll just close by saying: Yay! Congratulations again!

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Aw, thanks! And thanks again for everything you did to help us pull it off!

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