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I'm still sick. But yesterday I discovered that if I lean forward, I mostly stop coughing; and various drugs have resulted in my getting a fair bit of sleep lately (though it hasn't actually made me feel rested).

So I'm going to WorldCon as planned.

I'm kinda dubious about this. I may end up spending much of the weekend coughing in my hotel room.

But the thought of giving up WorldCon because of a stupid cold (especially since it seems like such a minor one, though it's leaving me exhausted) made me grumpy, so I decided to give it a try.

I'll be on a panel or two, and there'll be a party on Saturday afternoon that'll be a combo SH tea party and book-launch party for Ben R and Jay L; that'll be in the SFWA suite (but everyone's welcome to attend).

Other than that, I'll probably do some of my usual panel-hopping, and hang out with any friendly folks I run into, and attend the Hugo ceremony. Maybe this year I'll finally manage to stop by the filking, but that's becoming a running joke--it's been years since I've managed to do that.

Back on Sunday evening, if all goes well.

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