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Hugo and Campbell winners!

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It's been entire minutes since the Hugo ceremony ended, and yet none of the usual suspects have full detailed results up yet! Come on, people, I expect instant gratification!

. . . Oh, okay--by the time I finished posting this entry, Cheryl had in fact posted full results on the Hugo site, so I'm editing this entry moments after posting. Thanks, Cheryl!

Also, the Denvention site will have a detailed voting-statistics breakdown (PDF) sometime tonight ("after 11:00pm MDT").

You can also skim through Cheryl's liveblog if you want to see commentary on the ceremony as it happened.

Particular congratulations to Mary, Scalzi, Bear, and Ted! (I don't think any of the other winners are likely to read this.)

[Edited Sunday night to supply the correct the URL for the stats page.]

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Thank you, Jed. It was so good to get a chance to sit and chat with you tonight.

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