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Mental paralysis


I'm having a hard time getting things done.

I have a long to-do list, full of important things I need to do--paying bills, editing and reading stories, responding to emails, lots of magazine administrative stuff, things to buy, answering machine messages to listen to, people to contact, etc.

And that's not even counting a similarly long to-do list at work.

But I'm somehow finding it nearly impossible to actually do most of the things on the list.

I'm getting some productive things done, including one or two things from the list. I did finally pay some bills this morning, for example, and I went grocery shopping today (several days after running out of most of my staples), and I finally did some dishes a few days ago.

And I've finally started moving on some of the magazine stuff. As of yesterday, we're "only" four weeks behind on reading submissions, and over the weekend I managed to do some important magazine stuff that I said I would do "in a few days" a month ago.

And I've finally started moving on some of the work stuff. Last week I had to send an unfortunate number of notes that started out "I'm sorry I didn't finish this a month ago" or two months ago, or in one unfortunate instance eight months ago. Anyway, it's not like I haven't done anything in the last month or two, it's just that I have a whole lot on my plate and, what with travel and being sick and, mainly, general inertia and tenseness, I haven't done enough of it lately.

So I'm slowly beginning to make some progress and overcome some inertia. But there's still a lot to be done and a long to go to dig myself out of the hole that's risen up around me while I've been sitting here paralyzed into inaction.

All of this partly by way of an apology to anyone reading this who's been waiting for something from me. I don't have any excuses (another thing I've had to say too often lately). Will try to get moving shortly.


My recommendation: friend, cafe, no wireless.

Have you read _Getting Things Done_? It had a small but positive effect for me, but for some people it has literally been life-changing.

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