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Happy birthday, Strange Horizons!


I just noticed that two days ago was the eighth anniversary of the launch of Strange Horizons.

Yay, us!

I think that we're the longest-running online prozine ever. I'm not entirely certain how long Would That It Were ran, nor a couple of other relatively low-profile online magazines that paid pro rates. But I don't think any of them made it to eight years.

(We're not the longest-running electronic magazine ever, nor even the longest-running one that publishes fiction; for example, DargonZine has been publishing online for nearly 25 years now. But they don't pay, which is why I said "prozine" up above.)

We've also outlasted a fair number of small-press print magazines, though of course most of the really high-profile ones have lasted for decades.

Anyway, we're not doing anything exciting for the anniversary, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Congratulations to the staff, past and present (new material every week for eight years? That's amazing!), and thanks as always to our writers and artists and donors.


Well congratulations! May Strange Horizons continue to prosper until the end of time :-)



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